June 27, 2001

Wow. We were very excited as we approached the lot to see that the first floor of the house was already framed. This was the cool, fast part of building that we had been waiting for.

We were a bit surprised, though, to find some framing uh, um, "anomalies," shall we say? Frankly, it appears that the framers may have been a bit drunk. Too many Bud Lights at lunch, guys?

Since I haven't talked to the building supervisor, I'll remain calm and chalk it up to "one of those things" that happens during framing. It will definitely be interesting to see how they're going to fix these...

Breakfast nook. Anything seem strange here?

OK, well how about the side garage door?

And here is some normal framing.
My favorite room in the house, the media / theater room: 

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